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Sandra C.

Sandra Castiblanco

20+ years experience in IT (Microsoft, Softbank, Xerox) and healthcare, holding multiple licenses and certifications.

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Stephanie D.

Stephanie Dupzyk

Founder of SCS, trusted partner to the Fortune 500 for software license advisory services, with clients including AIG, Sony, and Ford.

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Tommaso E.

Tommaso Esmanech

20+ years at Hewlett Packard. Founder of STT, acquired by VarGroup. Defined HP.com web and mobile services. Led $2B Cloud Service business.

Jennie M.

Jennie Martinez

CFO and CPA with 15+ years in accounting and finance for both start-up and mature companies in technology, marketing, manufacturing, and service industries. For-profit and NFP board member.

Neel K.

Neel Karamadai

20+ years experience in product development and design. 7 U.S. Patents. Author of defensive publications and technical papers.