COVID-19 Safety

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Alice Care is focused on protecting clients and employees by establishing health and safety standards. We established Health Safety policies, commitments, and products designed to address the needs of our community during this critical time for public health.  

Alice Care Health Safety Program includes:


  • Personal health certification for service providers
  • Required face masks for service providers
  • Required gloves for service providers
  • Health safety education for service providers
  • Distribution of hand sanitizers for service providers
  • Providing protective visors to service providers


Personal Health Certification

Daily, before using the Alice Care app,  a service provider is required to self-certify through a screening tool for COVID-19 symptoms. If service providers certify they are symptom-free, they are permitted to accept clients through Alice Care.  All service providers will wear face masks throughout the service,  and will follow CDC and local guidelines related to COVID-19.

Specifically, clients and service providers will confirm that:


  • They will not provide or request services if they have COVID-19, think they have it, or have related symptoms
  • They will wear a face mask or covering


Anyone who does not agree to the personal health certification will be unable to request or provide Alice Care services.


Health Safety Education

All our service providers have attended Health Safety Education required by the State of California and are covering safety and protection measures guidelines rolled out by the CDC. The educational content will be based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) rideshare guidance. Providers can access this information  in the Alice Care Provider app.