Safety Guidelines

Alice Care is committed to the personal safety
of every Customer we serve
and every Provider we employ.

Please see our Covid Safety page for details on protocols we’ve added in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Safety Built Into The App

Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Track Your Alice Provider in Real Time

Just like when you order restaurant delivery or a rideshare vehicle these days, you can see the status of your en route Alice Provider from acceptance of your Service Order all the way through the Provider’s arrival at the service location.

Provider Matching

Provider Matching

Check Your Provider’s Name & Photo

The app will always provide you with the full name of the Alice Provider who has accepted your Service Order, along with an easy-to-see headshot photograph. Be sure to ask for your provider’s name and to see their face if they are unfamiliar.



Verify Your Service Provider Upon Arrival

The app will generate an arbitrary digital badge (different shapes against different background colors) specific to the Service Order that you and the Alice Provider can visually match on your respective mobile devices.


Customer Safety


Every Service Provider authorized to accept Alice Care Service Orders must first meet our rigorous Safety Standards and agree to abide by our Safety Guidelines.


Safety Standards


Tuberculosis Test


Every individual hired shall submit to an examination ninety (90) days prior to employment or within seven (7) days after employment to determine that he or she is free of active tuberculosis disease.

For purposes of this section, “examination” means a test for tuberculosis infection that is recommended by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and that is licensed by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and, if that test is positive, an X-ray of the lungs. The aide shall not work as an affiliated home care aide unless he or she obtains documentation from a licensed medical professional that there is no risk of spreading the disease.


Screen Every Service Provider


Background Checks

The California Health and Safety Code requires a background check of all service providers who have contact with clients. If an individual has been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic violation, the individual cannot work in this capacity (visit this link for more info).

  • How the Background Check is conducted: When an individual submits fingerprints, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) conducts a criminal history check. If the individual has no criminal history, DOJ forwards a clearance notice to the applicant or licensee and to the CBCB (Caregiver Background Check Bureau).
  • If the individual has a criminal history, DOJ sends a criminal record transcript to CBCB showing arrests and convictions. The CBCB staff review the transcript and if the convictions are for crimes that may be exempted, the CBCB sends an exemption notification letter to the applicant or licensee and to the individual. The letter explains how to request an exemption and lists the documents/information that must be submitted to request an exemption. The individual can not be present (work, reside or volunteer) in the facility until an exemption is granted by the CBCB.
Recruitment and Interviews

Alice Care has designed a 7-step hiring process designed to identify and select qualified candidates with the passion, integrity and knowledge to provide care and support to our clients.

ALL Service Providers undergo the following Onboarding Process:

      • Review of application and resumé
      • Outreach to personal and professional references
      • Video Interview and interview matrix report
      • Home Care Aide Registration
        •    Background check
        •    Affiliation
        •    TB Test verification
      • Qualification and certification verification
        •    Completion and expiration dates
      • Five (5) Hours of Service Provider Home Care Aide Training
      • Successful completion of post-training exams


Educate Every Service Provider



Completion of our five (5) hour training program is mandatory for every Alice Care Service Provider. The training must meet subdivision (b) of Section 1796.44 of the Health and Safety Code and shall be completed after affiliation and hire date by Alice Care. Service Providers will not be authorized to provide home care services to Customers until they have successfully completed this training and passed all associated tests.

An additional five (5) hours of annual training as set forth in Subdivision (c) of Section 1796.44 of the Health and Safety Code shall be completed within an employee’s first year as an Alice Care Service Provider and every subsequent year thereafter. At minimum, this training covers the following topics:

  • Alice Care Policies and Procedures
  • Natural Disasters
  • Evacuation of Client from Home
  • Contacting Emergency Services
  • Household Emergencies
  • Infection Control
  • PPE Usage
  • Incident Reporting (e.g. abuse)
  • Behavior Expectations
  • Understanding Clients
  • Theft and Loss
  • California Sexual Harassment
  • HIPAA Compliance


Safety Guidelines




All Alice Care Service Providers are, at minimum, registered Home Care Aides with the California Department of Social Services. Only Service Providers with CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) certification are authorized to respond to the highest-level ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Service Requests, ensuring patients always receive caregivers with the appropriate knowledge and credentials for the tasks at hand.


Qualification   N/A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Registration   Home Care Aide (HCA) Home Care Aide (HCA)
Service Request Type Companionship Yes Yes
Change Bed Linens Yes Yes
Light House Keeping Yes Yes
Trash to Curb Yes Yes
Dressing Yes Yes
Grooming Yes Yes
Bathing No Yes
Toileting No Yes
Fall Assistance No Yes
Transferring No Yes