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Stephanie D.

Stephanie Dupzyk

Stephanie Stellflug Dupzyk is the co-founder of Software Contract Solutions, Inc.

Software Contract Solutions (SCS) , founded in 1999, has earned a reputation among the Fortune 500 as one of the most objective and successful third party IT license advisory firms in the world. With flexible engagement models, experienced resources, and over 18 years of rich market data, SCS helps some of the largest companies preserve hundreds of millions of dollars in operating revenue each year. 

Stephanie leads the Negotiation Support team with more than 15 years experience selling software and services to Fortune 500 companies and public sector agencies. Stephanie has negotiated thousands of IT agreements for Software Contract Solutions with hundreds of vendors including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAS, Computer Associates, BMC, Symantec and Software AG.  A key to Stephanie’s success is her ability to present strong business arguments that support the data extracted from SCS’s contract repository and a firm understanding of the client’s cost and risk position.