The Alice Care Difference

July 30, 2023

Traditional care agencies tend to prioritize familiarity with care providers and often use contracts that are demanding of both sides, including the already-vulnerable clients. Mandatory minimums and administrative pitfalls abound. This old model has long been needlessly expensive for the paying customer and inconvenient for the care recipient.

Welcome to the new model. Alice Care prioritizes safety, flexibility and affordability above all else. We set out to provide a reliable and adaptable care option for busy families and aging individuals in need of help.

We provide task-based home care on an on-demand basis.

Need a trained care provider to go over to your elderly father’s house in a pinch for help with chores? Need a licensed professional to help your grandmother with her bathroom routine? Need someone to come by and keep your aging mother company while you step out for an hour or two?

Alice Care is your solution.

Tap a few buttons on your phone and service will be on its way. You pay only for the tasks you order. No wasted time or hidden fees. No daily or monthly minimums. No elaborate agency contracts. No long waits or red tape.

Just safe, affordable, reliable care when you need it.

For the many in need of in-home care, especially in light of the devastation the COVID pandemic is wreaking on care facilities, Alice Care is by far the safest, most empowering, most adaptable option.

All service providers undergo thorough background checks and comprehensive training and are, at minimum, registered Home Care Aides with the California Department of Social Services. Alice Care is a licensed Health Care Organization in the State of California (HCO#344700080). We currently serve the greater Sacramento area and are growing rapidly.

Visit your app store to download the Alice Care app today.